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Become a collaborator of the Observatory

The EOW is a collaborative initiative opened to professionals, researchers, administrations (from local to European), NGOs, etc. (referred to as collaborators), willing to contribute by providing at least one observation point for wildlife (terrestrial mammal) monitoring.

Photo by: Christian Gortazar

How to become a member

First, register in the project. This will allow you to be informed of the activities of the EOW

For further involvement, we will provide information to fill an application form to provide one or more observation points to the EOW.

The CONDITIONS of this collaboration are detailed in an “Agreement” document.
To summarize:

The EOW provides to collaborators:

Photo by: Moisés Gonzalez

The COLLABORATORS contribute to the EOW:

Photo by: Uliana de Castro

We all benefit from a collaborative approach

Photo by: Luca Giordano Stambecco