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Access and contribute to comprehensive review of wildlife population parameters

Currently, the lack of standardized information on wildlife population dynamics covering the necessary range of biogeographical, management, socio-economic and cultural factors prevent data from being reliably used at the European level, hampering, for instance, large scasle ecological studies or risk assessments for diseases.

Biased, incomplete, or simulated parameters are normally used for these purposes, and their regional variation is not considered. The situation is further complicated by two factors:

Therefore, compiling and generating valid up-to-date information on wildlife population dynamics is needed, following harmonised methods and filtering by standards of quality. To facilitate this activity and data to the European wildlife management and academic community, we first make here available a database on population dynamics and behavior of wild boar (link to EFSA report), and include a form to collaborative complete data from recent or grey literature (e.g., in local languages, technical unpublished report). This will be of mutual benefit to all. In the future, we aim to expand this approach to other European wildlife taxa.